Nicole’s Story

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Words that come to mind to describe Nicole: kind, driven, funny, and authentic. She’s the type of person that it’s easy to get to know because she emanates honesty, openness and caring. But Nicole has not had an easy life. Facing abuse and poverty throughout her childhood, she struggled with...

5 Questions to Ask Friends & Family Instead of “How Was Your Day?”

in Money Management

Business agreement deal at coffee shop

November is Financial Literacy Month. Instead of the usual “How was your day?”, I would invite you to ask your friends and family a bold and fun question about money to deepen your relationship. Some example questions to ask are: 1) If you won the lottery and money is no longer...

The Courage to Walk in the Door

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Laura Wells works on a painting in her studio.

In my job at Momentum I’m always inspired by the courage and strength that our participants have as they move towards a better life. It’s great coming to work each day knowing people are overcoming challenges and creating a vibrant community with Momentum’s help. The other thing that is exciting...

Direct traffic to your website in 5 steps (part 2)

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website traffic2

In last week’s post, we discussed the first three steps in directing traffic to your website: Know your target market, have a marketing funnel on your website and use keywords. Today, you’ll learn the final two steps in directing traffic to your website and thus increasing your sales. Step 4:...

Direct traffic to your website in 5 steps

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website traffic

In a recent post, we discussed how to grow your email list as a way to increase sales. You might remember, but most likely not and now my feelings are hurt, “the final step in growing your email list is to direct traffic to your website or social media sites....

Made from Scratch

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This is my favourite recipe right now! I make it twice a week!
- Marquesa Shore, Momentum Graduate

Marquesa Shore had always wanted to be a business owner but, until one casual drive through the mountains, she had no idea what that could mean. She had been earning good money in Fort McMurray, but lost her job during layoffs in 2014. When she later visited Banff, she was...

How to Grow your Email List in 30 days

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You may have heard the term in marketing, “your list is gold.” Well it is. Your email list is a list of names and email addresses of potential clients who are already warm to your business. By warm, I mean, they’ve already somehow expressed some sort of interest in your...

Learning from Local Entrepreneurs: One customer at a time

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Momentum is partnering with Launch Calgary to share the stories, successes, failures and lessons learned from some of our city’s leading entrepreneurs. Our hope is that these stories can provide inspiration to the entrepreneurs that we are connected to as well as inspire our wider community to support local businesses...