A Study on the Impact of the Changes in Payday Loan Regulation in Alberta on Borrowers

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Dear Potential Participant: Have you taken a payday loan in the last three years?  If yes, We would like to invite you to participate in a research being conducted by a team from Mount Royal University in collaboration with Momentum. We are interested in talking to you about your experiences...

Money and Marriage

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We’ve all heard that finances are a major source of stress for couples, in fact, there are many articles and research that says finances are reported to be one of the top 10 reasons people get divorced. But is there really such a thing as financial infidelity? According to entrepreneur...

Re: Payday lenders down 25% under new law (Calgary Herald)

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There is no doubt that new rules have significantly changed the payday loan industry in Alberta. The changes have increased the importance of alternative options for short-term credit, such as products now offered by ATB and First Calgary Financial. However, it is incorrect to assume that the supply of credit...

MoneyFit Challenge

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MoneyFit Challenge

Do you want to learn more about financial topics like budgeting and saving, and be entered to win money for doing so? How does $30,000 in prizes sound? The MoneyFit Challenge is a new tool to improve your financial well-being, sponsored in part by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada...

The Basics of Using Credit

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Amber Cannon is a Momentum volunteer and participant. Here she shares what she discovered about credit. Who, really, wants to talk about, let alone think about their credit? Certainly not I. But in today’s society, credit is a must have. On this session of my Savings Circles program I learned...

5 Questions to Ask Friends & Family Instead of “How Was Your Day?”

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November is Financial Literacy Month. Instead of the usual “How was your day?”, I would invite you to ask your friends and family a bold and fun question about money to deepen your relationship. Some example questions to ask are: 1) If you won the lottery and money is no longer...

November is Financial Literacy Month

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Financial Literacy Month (FLM) starts on November 1st.  It’s worth investing time and effort to improve your financial literacy, and FLM is the perfect time to do so! A great place to start is with your financial well-being. “Achieve financial well-being” is this week’s FLM sub-theme, and having a good...

How to Get Your Free Credit Report

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A credit report is a detailed report of the last 6 years of a person’s credit history. Lenders use credit reports to determine if they will lend you money or not. A credit report sometimes called a disclosure or credit history. Check out sample reports: Equifax sample Transunion sample How...