November is Financial Literacy Month

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Financial Literacy Month (FLM) starts on November 1st.  It’s worth investing time and effort to improve your financial literacy, and FLM is the perfect time to do so! A great place to start is with your financial well-being. “Achieve financial well-being” is this week’s FLM sub-theme, and having a good...

How Much House Can You REALLY Afford?

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If you ask your bank or mortgage broker this question, they will do a calculation for you based on your income and (potential) housing costs. The problem with this is it doesn’t take into account all of the expenses that come along with buying a home (things like maintenance), or...

Spring Clean Your Finances

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Many of us tackle a deep clean of our homes during the spring months. A recent Huffington Post article shared 8 ways to spring clean your finances: Get rid of clutter! Go through your house and get rid of things you aren’t using.  A good rule of thumb is if...

Enough for All Potluck

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Watching my grandmother and mother prepare bannock
gave me confidence to make it for my own family.
- Pamela Beebe, VCC Indigenous Strategist

Some recipes are simple, like making toast. Some recipes are a bit more complicated, like making croissants. Others are inherently complex, like Enough for All, the city-wide, community-driven poverty reduction strategy guided by Vibrant Communities Calgary. Complex recipes do not follow a step-by-step process. In fact, Enough for All is...

Staying Financially Healthy on a Single-Income

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Many Canadians are faced with the reality of managing a household on one income. A recent Globe and Mail Article highlighted the story of someone who overnight became a single mother. She reached out to a debt counseling service which helped manage her debt load of $20,000, and to curb...

Avoid Interest Charges, Thanks to Grace

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Have you ever wondered when your credit card starts to charge you interest after you have made a purchase?  By staying within the “grace period,” or the interest free period, you avoid paying any interest charges. Here’s the basics of what an interest free grace period is: A grace period...

Catalysts for Change: Four Systems-level Initiatives

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The City of Calgary has been working to regulate payday lending.

Momentum is committed to making a meaningful difference in our community. We all want to live in a community where everyone has a sustainable livelihood and a meaningful chance to contribute. We want to inspire the development of local economies with opportunities for all people. Your support helps us to...

Teaching Your Kids About Money: Start Early, Start Now (part 3 of 4)

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**continued from last week’s blog** Putting Money in the Bank Open up a bank account for your child and take them to the bank regularly. This helps kids to understand where money comes from and where it can be stored safely. It is important to have a relationship with your...