Articles by Amanda McKellar

My passions for people and the environment come together with my love of the English language in my job at Momentum.

As the Marketing & Communications Coordinator here at Momentum, I get the privilege to share many of the great stories that come from the Momentum community.

As an author on Engage (the official Momentum blog), I will mostly be relaying success stories of Momentum participants and programs as well as community work that Momentum participates in.

Calgarians risk losing out on thousands in benefits by not filing their taxes

in Money Management

For families living on low incomes, tax filing offers access to tax credits, grants, bonds and subsidies that can ease their financial strains—for example, a family of four with an income of $31,000 could be eligible for up to $16,000 in benefits. Many people living on low incomes mistakenly believe...

Our New Strategic Direction

in Community Matters, Our Results

In the Spring of 2017, you joined Momentum to help us envision the future. Together we shared dreams and hopes for Momentum through stories, drawings and action plans. From this process, we’ve created a new strategic vision for our work. We’re excited to present our new strategic vision that you...

A Study on the Impact of the Changes in Payday Loan Regulation in Alberta on Borrowers

in Community Matters, Money Management

Dear Potential Participant: Have you taken a payday loan in the last three years?  If yes, We would like to invite you to participate in a research being conducted by a team from Mount Royal University in collaboration with Momentum. We are interested in talking to you about your experiences...

Re: Payday lenders down 25% under new law (Calgary Herald)

in Get Involved, Money Management

There is no doubt that new rules have significantly changed the payday loan industry in Alberta. The changes have increased the importance of alternative options for short-term credit, such as products now offered by ATB and First Calgary Financial. However, it is incorrect to assume that the supply of credit...

Nicole’s Story

in Business Development

Words that come to mind to describe Nicole: kind, driven, funny, and authentic. She’s the type of person that it’s easy to get to know because she emanates honesty, openness and caring. But Nicole has not had an easy life. Facing abuse and poverty throughout her childhood, she struggled with...

The Basics of Using Credit

in Money Management

Amber Cannon is a Momentum volunteer and participant. Here she shares what she discovered about credit. Who, really, wants to talk about, let alone think about their credit? Certainly not I. But in today’s society, credit is a must have. On this session of my Savings Circles program I learned...

Growing your Assets

in Money Management

Amber Cannon is a Momentum volunteer and participant. Here she shares what she discovered about her assets.   In my second class of Savings Circles at Momentum we looked at assets. What is an asset? Assets are typically looked at as having ownership of something worth value. Typically a car,...

Budgeting on a Low Income

in Community Matters, Money Management

Amber Cannon is a Momentum volunteer and participant. Here she shares the reality creating a budget when on a low income.   My first class at Momentum was Budgeting. Probably the best class to have, at the very beginning of my savings circles program. I learned about what kind of...