I have effectively lowered my grocery bills by keeping a stash of coupons and regularly using them.

Step 1: Finding your Coupons

On the product – these sticker coupons are on the item/product. Be kind and only take the coupon off when you are checking out and purchasing the item(s).

Mailed/Printable coupons – some coupons can be mailed directly to your home and other coupons have to be printed at home. My personal favourite websites for coupons are Websaver.ca, GoCoupons.ca, Save.ca, P&G.

Inserts in your newspaper – these coupon inserts are typically from Red Plum & Smart Source.

Tearpads in the store – these coupons are found when you first enter the store or hanging on the shelf by the product.

e-Coupons – I load electronic coupons (such as Coupgon) or use my store loyalty card (for example Shopper’s Drug Mart & PC Financial). Have your e-coupon scanned at checkout and the beautiful deductions happen there! Regularly using your loyalty cards helps you collect points for discounts and freebies.

2.  Maximize your Coupons

Wait for a sale – Apply your coupon when an item is on sale. You stretch your money by doing your research and practicing some discipline!

Track sale cycles – Sales happen every 6 to 10 weeks. Make a note of the lowest price the item and highest price you have seen for the item. Also, keep in mind the season you are making purchases. For example, I find that chocolate is at its peak price during Valentine’s day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s. Plan to make your purchase a couple of days after the celebrations.

Happy couponing! To find out other ways to lower your costs come to our Budgeting Workshop at Momentum.

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